Q: How do I sign up for classes? 

A: Registration forms are available on our website and in person at the studio. We accept registration via mail or in person. A $45 registration fee is required annually and will hold your dancer’s spot in the class. 


Q: When can my child start taking classes? 

A: We take registration beginning at age three. 


Q: What level should my dancer be in? 

A: Placement is at the discretion of our faculty. We encourage all new students to take a free placement class before registering. 


Q: What if my dancer misses a class? 

A: We encourage students to make up missed classes by attending a class in the level equivalent to or one level below their current class. Please schedule make up classes by calling the studio at 432-682-2653 or emailing us at info@midlandfestivalballet.org. We do not give refunds for missed classes. 


Q: Why is there a dress code? 

A: A dress code is enforced for multiple reasons. First and foremost, a class uniform allows the students to focus on the dance training and not what they are wearing. In addition, wearing proper dance attire to class allows the instructors to effectively correct alignment and technique. 


Q: Can I stay and watch my child’s class? 

A: At this time, we do not allow parents to sit and observe classes. This can distract the dancers and take away from class time learning. 


Q: Are there performance opportunities? 

A: Yes! At the end of each school year, Midland Festival Ballet has a School Showcase recital. In alternate years, students wear costumes or their dress code ballet attire. 2018 will be a costume recital. 

Students are also invited to audition for and participate in Midland Festival Ballet’s annual production of The Nutcracker.