Tuition & Registration: 

  • Registration is on a first come first served basis. There is an annual registration fee of $45 per family. 
  • Each class has a set tuition cost for the year and can be paid Annually, by the Semester, or in nine equal installments. There are no additional charges for months with extra class days, and there will be no pro-rating or tuition credits for the times that the studio is closed for holidays or other reasons. 
  • Payment options include automatic debit/credit card, exact cash, or check. MFB offers a ~5% discount for Semester payments and a ~10% discount for Annual payments. 
  • Midland Festival Ballet follows MISD’s school calendar for holidays and weather cancellations. 
  • Tuition payments are due on the 1st of the month and considered late after the 10th. There is a late payment fee of $25 and a returned check fee of $25. 
  • Statements are not mailed unless a family’s account is 30 days past due. If after 60 days, no payment arrangement has been made, the parents and student must meet with MFB’s School Director and Executive Director, and dancers will not be allowed to attend class. 
  • Tuition & Registration payments are non-refundable, this includes semester and annual payments. Credits may be given for serious injury or illness (requires a doctor’s note). 
  • Midland Festival Ballet does not pro-rate or give refunds for classes missed or for class cancellations. 
  • To withdraw, a written notice must be given to Midland Festival Ballet staff before the 1st of the month, or you will be liable for tuition for that month. 



  • To ensure successful progress and development, Midland Festival Ballet faculty will decide the proper placement level for each student. Considerations include prior training, ability, and technical proficiency. Midland Festival Ballet is happy to arrange a free placement class for new students. 
  • Pointe work: As with class placement, faculty will determine when a student begins pointe work based on careful evaluation. 
  • A class placement letter for the following year will be sent out at the end of the season. 



  • Students are expected to arrive on time to class and attend scheduled classes. Inconsistent attendance negatively affects dancers’ progress. 
  • Proper muscle warm-up is necessary to prevent injury. If dancers are more than 10 minutes late to class, they may be asked to observe class. Late arrival is a distraction to other students and disrespectful to instructors, and can preclude injury. 
  • If class cancellations occur due to instructor absence/illness or weather, MFB will offer make-up classes if possible. No refunds will be given. 
  • Midland Festival Ballet does not give credits or refunds for missed classes or school holidays, but encourages students to attend a make-up class in a level equal to or one level below their own. 
  • Students are expected to have appropriate conduct during classes. Inappropriate conduct includes the use of illegal substances, using crude language, dressing inappropriately, not following instructions for classes, rehearsals, or performances, and constant tardiness or absence. 
  • If your dancer will be absent, please call or email the studio. 
  • If your student is sick or contagious, please do not bring them to class. 


Dress Code: 

  • Students are required to follow the appropriate dress code for all classes. This includes appropriate attire as well as hair. Please see Midland Festival Ballet’s Dress Code for details. 
  • Students are required to wear appropriate street clothing and footwear over their dance attire when arriving to and leaving the ballet school. 


Teacher Student Contact: 

  • Manual adjustment of a student’s body to correct alignment and placement is standard practice. By enrolling at Midland Festival Ballet, parents acknowledge and accept that it is Midland Festival Ballet’s practice to correct students using physical contact. 


Parking & Pick-Up: 

  • Parents should be considerate to all staff regarding on-time picking up/dropping off practices. 
  • Teachers and staff should be informed before class if a student will be picked up early or late, or if someone other than the parent or guardian will be picking up the student. 
  • For drop off and pick up of students under the age of 10, parents must park and walk their child into the studio.
  • Midland Festival Ballet accepts no responsibility or liability for students outside the building. Please ask students not to wait for parents outside of the studio. 
  • Please park only in the West and South parking areas around the Midland Festival Ballet studios. There is no parking for Midland Festival Ballet in front of adjacent businesses. 


School Expectations: 

  • Students and parents will be courteous and respectful to one another, to Midland Festival Ballet Staff, and to other dancers. School faculty and directors will address any unsatisfactory conduct with the student and/or parent. 
  • Students will be responsible for their own belongings, MFB is not responsible for any valuables left unattended in the dressing room or studios. 
  • Students and Parents will keep noise in the lobby at a minimum to avoid disturbing classes or rehearsals that are in session. 
  • No gum will be allowed in the studios. 
  • Parent or Guardian will be contacted upon any injury or illness. Emergency Contacts will be a secondary contact if a Parent/Guardian cannot be reached.
  • Please notify Midland Festival Ballet staff about any serious allergies or illnesses that may require special attention. 
  • Midland Festival Ballet uses email as our primary form of communication. Please make sure your contact information is up to date. 


Waiver of Liability: 

It is the intent of Midland Festival Ballet to provide a safe environment and correct training in order to avoid any and all injuries to students. However, there is a degree of risk involved in all physical activity including dance, and potentially sever injuries can occur. Because of this, we require that you release Midland Festival Ballet and its staff from liability for any injury to your student while: 

  • at Midland Festival Ballet’s studio, at Midland Festival Ballet events outside of the studio, and during any classes, rehearsals, or performances sponsored by or affiliated with Midland Festival Ballet. 

By enrolling at Midland Festival Ballet you agree to waive liability. 


Media Waiver: 

By enrolling at Midland Festival Ballet, I authorize Midland Festival Ballet or contracted parties to take and use the photographic image, video, and/or audio recordings of my child for educational, promotional, advertising, or any lawful purpose.

I also understand that I can contact Midland Festival Ballet in writing at any time to deny the use of the enrolled person(s) image and name.