2016 - 2017 Calendar

The School of Midland Festival Ballet follows MISD for holidays and weather cancellations.

August 10: First MFB Company Class

August 11: School of MFB Orientation at 5:30pm

August 11-14: MFB Company Workshop week 1

August 18-21: MFB Company Workshop week 2

August 22: School of MFB Fall Semester begins

August 29: Little Ballet Session 1 begins

September 5: Labor Day (School of MFB closed)

September 9: Ages 13+ Audition for The Nutcracker 2016 from 6:30 - 8:30pm

September 10: Ages 5-12 Audition for The Nutcracker 2016 

September 14: The Nutcracker 2016 Cast List posted

September 16: Mandatory Nutcracker Parent meeting at 6:00pm (all cast members plus 1 parent/guardian)

November 21: Little Ballet Session 1 ends

November 23-27: Thanksgiving Holiday (School of MFB closed)

December 10-11: MFB presents The Nutcracker at the Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center

December 18-January 8: Winter Holidays (School of MFB closed)

January 4-8: MFB Company Workshop

January 9: School of MFB Spring Semester begins

January 9: Little Ballet Session 2 begins

January 16: Martin Luther King Jr. Day (School of MFB closed)

February 20: Presidents' Day (School of MFB closed)

March 13-19: Spring Break (School of MFB closed)

April 2: MFB presents _____ at the Wagner Noël Performing Art Center

April 14: MISD Holiday (School of MFB closed)

April 17: MISD Holiday (School of MFB closed)

April 24: Little Ballet Session 2 ends

May 1-7: MFB Company attends RDA National Festival

May 21: Tentative School of MFB Lecture Demo date